Cardiology, Orthopedics, and OB/GYN

A Guide To Cardiology, Orthopedics, and OB/GYN Fields

Of all of the medical fields to choose from three seem to be the ones that are pursued more often. These are cardiology careers; patients searching for OB/GYNs and students entering the orthopedics fields. Millions of individuals suffer from conditions respective to these specialties every day. Here is an easy guide that can help you understand these fields, and to explain some of the key terms.

Cardiology Departments

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in the United States. Individuals looking for a physician in the cardiology field either already has a heart condition or is seeking extra testing because heart condition is hereditary. When talking to a cardiologist, it is important to be completely honest about your health. Difficulty breathing while doing normal activities may require a stress test or similar screening that can determine whether or not a patient has advanced heart disease. The cardiologist will monitor and treat all matters of the heart and refer you to a surgeon that can perform open heart surgery should you need such a treatment.


Individuals looking for an OB/GYN are usually either pregnant or looking to have a baby. Choosing the right OB/GYN is a big decision, as this medical professional will be with you throughout the nine months of your gestational period and after the baby is born. Therefore, it is important to choose a physician that you have a good relationship established. Your OB/GYN will be delivering your baby. Also, you will be setting up appointments at your obstetrician’s office to go through all of your examinations month by month, and any other specialized tests they may need to run, for example gestational diabetes screenings. An OB/GYN will handle any C-sections, birthing and vaginal treatment and procedures you will have during your gestational period. Be sure to choose a doctor that has a friendly staff, keeps good records of your medical condition, and who is easy to reach. If you have a high risk pregnancy, it’s important to never travel too far from your OB/GYN’s office during the last few stages of your pregnancy.

Orthopedics Departments

Individuals seeking orthopedic doctors suffer from discomfort in their feet more often than any other part of their body. Patients are well advised to talk to their doctors about other care needs that they may have after any type of orthopedic procedures and treatment. For example, difficulty walking and things of that nature; your orthopedic physician can help you with that. They can prescribe special shoes for you to use, or they can recommend the types of shoes you can buy to ensure you have a comfortable experience walking.

Finally, the best ratings and reviews generally go to the best departments and Doctors. Do not under estimate the power of a previous patient’s review.

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